Michael Bociurkiw


Michael Bociurkiw is familiar to millions of television viewers around the world through his on-air commentary for such outlets as BBC World, CNN International and Al Jazeera. As an independent Global Affairs Analyst, he contributes regularly to CNN Opinion and speaks on geopolitics worldwide. 

A two-time TEDx speaker, Michael tackles such issues as diplomacy, conflict, disinformation and manipulation, the business of humanitarian aid, technology, and climate change. As a journalist, Michael has reported for a variety of leading outlets - including MSNBC, the South China Morning Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Globe and Mail, Forbes and Newsweek. In the late 1980s, he spent a year in Winnipeg as a reporter at the Winnipeg Free Press - most of which was spent in the City Hall bureau. He learned the craft of  journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, at Columbia University in New York City, as well as an intern and reporter at the New Jersey-based Ukrainian Weekly.

Born in Edmonton of Ukrainian parents, Michael has served as global spokesperson for UNICEF and for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine. The Ukraine assignment included acting as de facto spokesperson for the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in 2014.

Currently Michael is completing work on his first non-fiction book on smartphone and social media addiction called 'Digital Crack.’ One of the chapters of the book will be devoted to technology in the classrooms, looking at practices around the world - including in Ukraine.

Michael is a former president of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) and an executive member of the Ukrainian Journalists Association of North America. Last year, he was selected as Parade Marshall at the Toronto Ukrainian Festival in recognition for his contributions to the community.

Photo Credit:  Chrystia Chudczak 

The New Teaching Paradigm

Technology, new teaching practices, the changing outlook of students - and even politics and the economy - create a challenging environment for teachers. 

In this keynote, Michael Bociurkiw takes us through several regions of the world and shares his first-hand accounts of how teachers and students are coping with change in classrooms from Tajikistan to Papua New Guinea, from Lesotho to Ukraine. He will address some of the main challenges being faced in classrooms around the world. How are teachers to prepare their students for an increasingly uncertain future? 

Нова парадигма навчання

Give customers a reason to do business with you. 

Технології, нові методики викладання, зміна світогляду школярів, та навіть політика й економіка – усе це ускладнює звичне робоче середовище вчителя.

У своїй доповіді Майкл Боцюрків перенесе нас до декількох регіонів світу та поділиться відомостями із перших рук стосовно того як вчителі та учні справляються зі змінами у школах Таджикистану та Папуа-Нової Гвінеї, Лесото та України. Він розгляне деякі ключові проблеми, з якими стикаються у класах по всьому світу. Як саме вчителям необхідно готувати своїх учнів до все більш невизначеного майбутнього?

Kevin Lamoureux


Kevin Lamoureux is a Faculty member at the University of Winnipeg and a well known public speaker. He has served as Associate Vice President for the University of Winnipeg, Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, and as Scholar in Residence for several school divisions. Lamoureux is an award winning scholar with an impressive publication and research grant record, and has consulted for governments, organizations and institutions across Canada. His most recent book contribution, for Ensouling Our Schools with Dr. Jennifer Katz, is being used by educators across Canada working to create inclusive spaces for all students. He has been seen on TV, in documentaries, in print, and in the media. More than anything, Lamoureux is committed to reconciliation and contributing to an even better Canada for all children to grow up in.

Stories from Home

The journey of Ukrainian people to Canada is a story of Treaty relationship. Sometimes a relationship forgotten, perhaps now a relationship to be reclaimed. Inside of that relationship is both a cautionary tale about the importance of knowing our past, but also an opportunity to lead by example in a world of ever increasing diversity and tension. The story of Treaties in Canada, and the Ukrainian newcomers to created lives in Treaty territories is one of inspiration, resiliency and social potential yet to be achieved.

Історії з дому

Подорож українського народу до Канади - це історія Договірних відносин. Іноді взаємини забуваються, можливо, тепер відносини буде відновлено. Всередині цих відносин є як застережна історія про важливість пізнання нашого минулого, так і можливість привести приклад у світі постійно зростаючого різноманіття і напруженості. Історія договорів у Канаді, а також українських новоприбулих, які створили життя на територіях укладених у Договорі, є натхненням, стійкістю та соціальним потенціалом, які ще не було досягнуто.